„Nice hotel and food but the flies were out of hand“

The black flies in Grindlewald are heavy his summer all over, but with the goat barn at the hotel the room fills with dozens of flies if you open a window, though that is the only source of ventilatio ... mehr anzeigen »




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„Bodmi stay not what we anticipated“

Owners are fantastic, unfortunately the hotel needs to be remodeled. They offer breakfast buffet however the cook does not start his shift until 9AM so you cannot ask for any hot/ cooked item. The hot ... mehr anzeigen »


Thank you for your stay at the hotel Bodmi. For your review, we thank you. However, we regret that we were unable to make your stay 100% satisfaction. Because of your allergy, we assume that this is a misunderstanding. In Hotel Bodmi, we have only 100% allergenic friendly pillows and duvet. We have only synthetic pillow and duvet for the relatively frequent allergy problems. Furthermore, our pillows and mattresses are also protected by encasing suits against mites. These suits are an additional Allergy protection. We regret that we had during your stay not the opportunity to describe our efforts to make the stays for allergic people comfortable. We would like to welcome you back at the hotel Bodmi in Grindelwald. Sincerely - Kurt and Elisabeth Gisler-Kaufmann




Fabulous location and warm and friendly owners. A wonderful mini break!