«Very good»

الموقع جميل وساحر. خدمات المطعم وتعامل العاملين سيء للغاية




المكان مره روعه واهم شي الواحد يسكن في غرفه Deluxe Twin Room. 1 - يبعد الفندق عن انترلاكن ب 19 كلم 2 - الطريق مره ضيق



«Beautiful romantic hotel secluded in the hills surrounding Giessbach reminiscent of bygone era.»

Secluded Swiss fairybook retreat. Exciting to get there via boat and funicular. Amazing architecture and natural surrounds. The main restaurant is too brightly lit and should have classic ambiance m ... afficher plus »




Pas de texte saisi.



«مخيب للآمال بعكس الصور»

لاشيء. الاستقبال عند الوصول سيء لايوجد تكييف وعند فتح النوافذ يدخل الناموس للغرفة لايوجد ثلاجة، الخدمه سيئه جداً جداً المطعم غير مناسب وعند احتياجك اي شيء لابد من الذهاب بالسياره لمدة ١٥ دقيقة


Received a response

Dear Mr Alqahtani, We thank you for your visit and your feedback - even if it is a negative one. It seems, that Giessbach is not the type of hotel you like and we were not able to show you the beauty of nature and peasness in and around the hotel. Giessbach is a historic hotel which can truly not please everybody. So is for example the parking next to the hotel but not in front so that our guest may enjoy the view over the lake of Brienz and the waterfalls from our terrasse. Or there is no AC in order to respect the historic character of the hotel. Nevertheless we thank you for sharing your impressions which will help us see our hotel from other people's eyes. Best regards, your Giessbach-Crew