Staff shouldn't smoke and then breathe in guest's face. That's disgusting.




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“فندق قمة في الروعة”

موقع الفندق بين البحيرة و شلال



“الموقع رائع ولا يلزم أن تأخذ اطلالة من غرفتك على الشلال، لأنك مطل عليه في الفطور وفي التجول وغيرها.”

الإطلالة الرائعة والقرب من العربة التي تنزل إلى البحيرة في القاع. السرير لم يكن مناسباً شخصاً طويلاً ولذلك اضطررت لإخراجي قدمي منه ثم الانكفاء على نفسي بعدها :)



“Not worth the price.”

When arriving at the hotel you have to drag your luggage up the stairs to the lobby. Only there were we told that there was an elevator, but there was no signs pointing towards it and neither did the ... show more »


Dear guest Thank you very much for your honest feedback after your stay with us. We do regret, that you could not enjoy your stay entirely. However your feedback showed us a point where we can improve. We will advise our team members, that they should point out the easiest way to the elivator. Since Giessbach is a historic hotel, there is no air conditioning in the room. In fact we do belive, that there is no need. Isn't it nice to open the window an breathe in the fresh air comming from the waterfall? We can assure you, that even on a hot summer day, in the evenings the air gets refreshing. Nevertheless we thank you for staying with us and wish you all the best.