Joel Thill


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Situation, et calme, cachet de l'endroit, amabilité du personnel. Excellente cuisine. rien



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Gorgeous scenery of the Brienz lake, but that can also be seen from any of the hotels surrounding the lake. Since I haven't received a response from the hotel manager and I've already waited to the la ... show more »


the answer was sent Friday, 24th October 2014, 7.52pm (loacal time): Dear Mrs. XXX, Thank you for very much for your prompt answer. We appreciate your detailed account of what happened in our restaurant. We can assure you that our hotel policy does not tolerate any kind of discrimination. As this is the first time that we have received any kind of complaint regarding discrimination, we can only assume that the treatment you have received was not intended in an discriminating way but rather due to a bad day of some of our employees. Regardless of the reasons as to why you were treated the way you were, this kind of treatment is certainly not what the Grandhotel Giessbach is known for and we ask you to accept our most sincere apologies. As the season is coming to an end, we are running with a minimum of staff and the mentioned employees have already left the hotel. Therefore, it won’t be possible for us to ask them directly as to what happened and to apologise to you directly. Any kind of feedback is always welcome and we will make sure to inform the restaurant manager about what happened in order to create more awareness regarding this issue. Your comment will help us to provide better training for our staff and we hope that we can show you at some time in the future that we can do better. Yours sincerely Roman Codina Manager