«اقذر فندق في سويسرا»

لايوجد اي شيء ويعلم الله انني صادق بكل كلمه. انتبهوا يااخوان الفندق نصبوا علي باسلوب قذر بااسلوب النظام بعد ان عملوا التشك ان تبين انني حاجز لشخص واحد وكان هذا خطأ مني ونحن عددنا اثنان بالغان وطفل صغي ... Ver mais »


Dear guest, we have been arguing about this issue long enough face to face, so we make a long story short. You reserved a twin room for single occupancy - which the rate reflects - but you arrived as two guests. We merely charged the difference to the twin room in twin occupancy, which is our right to do. You agreed to the terms and conditions of Our 3 restaurants are opened until 22h30 unless we still have guests enjoying their dinner, which is when we close the restaurants after the guests' departure no matter how late that is. Our housekeeping is very thorough. If mistakes happen, where humans are working, we will stand to it and correct it immediately. This is the first time having heard from you that we are such a dirty hotel. Truly sad. Regards, Anneliese & Otto Hauser-Seger, your hosts.




ロケーションが抜群。駅前で、かつアイガーやヴェッターホルンなどが眼前。ホテルの外観・内装がまさにロマンティック。.部屋にミニバー(冷蔵庫)が無かった 夕食で日本人のうるさいグループ(5人)と 隣り合わせになった。テーブルを替えて貰えば良かった


Dear guests, thank you very much for choosing our Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof for your stay here in Grindelwald. It is a pleasure to see that you have enjoyed your room and our services so much. Unfortunately we are not always able to control our guests' behaviour which is why we try to have group travelling guests and individual guests accommodated well separated from each other whenever possible. However especially in high season, such as July and August, this is a tricky issue. We already look forward to your renewed stay with us. With kindest regards, yours Anneliese & Otto Hauser-Seger and our whole Schweizerhof team!



«Nice but not great.»

Great location. Wifi was mostly down for three days and staff did not seem to care. Major inconvenience for things we had to do. No apologies. Not treated the way we had expected and probably des ... Ver mais »


Dear guests, thank you very much for your recent stay with us in August this year. It is sad to see that you have already forgotten that we very patiently explained to you (several times) that the connection problems with the WiFi were with our provider and unfortunately out of our hands. All we were able to do is to repeatedly apologize for this shortcomming and to continuously urge our provider. However we see that in general you have enjoyed your stay and especially THE asset of Grindelwald: it's magnificent mountain landscape and natural beauty that makes it easy to get away from it all once in a while. With kindest regards, your hosts Anneliese & Otto Hauser-Seger and our whole Schweizerhof team!




グリンデルワルドの5つ星ホテルで、それにふさわしい素敵な ホテルでした。アイガーが目の前に見えます。 部屋はベッドルーム、バスルーム、リビングルームとあり 広かったです。 部屋の家具や壁のペイントがとても可愛いかったです。 廊下にもきれいな家具が並んでいて、オシャレな雰囲気でした。 朝食も素晴らしく、朝からスパークリングワインもありました。