Best service, friendly staff. Salute to floor incharge Shumaila for friendly hosting...

Environment is comfortable and friendly Humbly entertained by Miss. Shumaila and extremely impressed by the behaviour and attitude of the staff

A very pleasant ambience with overall excellent quality of food served in Marco polo. Staff was cooperative and humble especially Miss. Shumaila. It’s a must visit hotel if you are in Peshawar for mass gathering or food.

MarcoPolo PC peshawar Best services � Shumaila

PC Peshawar is the best place for training/ Seminors. Staff is supportive and welcoming! Food is just amazing! Shumaila

Much appreciated. Thanks Shumala for such a nice hospitality.

Visit marcopolo for hi-tea and enjoying alot. madam shumailia give us very positive and good response.....

School get together at PC. Really enjoyed it. Thank you. Hi tea was really enjoyable! Ms Shumaila Thank you for great hospitality and service of PC.

Not bad.... But shumaila hospitality was good enough to visit again soon.....

Thanks service was very good good food nice environment very very nice shumaila