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We were 2 families looking for our holiday destination. Unfortunately our friend were afraid of covid19 and didn’t want to fly to Turkey or Emirates. Covid19 was the reason why we decided to spend such big amount money in Valamar in Porec. For instance for same price we could have AI stay in 5*in Turkey or with little more AI stay in 5* Hilton hotel villa in RAK Emirates. Both of them we visited already. Our disappointment started in check in :( we asked for 2 villas next each other. We came first and repeated this request at check in but even the Villa J directly next to us (Villa H) was free the receptionist didn't reserved it for our friends coming same day later. When our firends came Villa J was occupied and they were accommodated in different building block. Second disappointment at check in was impossibility to pay by EURO even the reservation was done in euro :( Discussion with no competent receptionist was nightmare and we had to pay in HRK. Another disappointment was Villa. It was dark, showing its age and smelling by AC. I wanted to call reception but Phone didn’t work :( I gave it up afraid another discussion with no competence personnel. I decided to enjoy our vacation with our friends and no argue and getting nervous, upside by discussion with no competence personnel. Even when the dishwasher tried us to flood when we wanted to dish glasses in the end of our stay. Last disappointment was espresso. Nobody gave us rules what is included in AI and what is not. Once we paid for espresso from bar (not machine) next time we didn’t even it was espresso from bar (self-coffee machine). At the pool we never paid for espresso from bar (self-coffee machine) probably because there wasn’t any self-coffee machine. Because of this mess I tried to cancel all my payments for espresso I did at the Check-out. It wasn’t big amount just 75 HRK but I wanted it back just from principle. No competency personnel escalated my request to manager and his comic explanation assured me do not waste more time here, check out and run away immediately. On the other hand we enjoyed the beaches, see, park, tennis. The place is fantastic but the quality of accommodation and service is nightmare unfortunately. If I would pay 1900 euro for this stay I would be satisfied for such level of accommodation and service. Bud I paid 3342 euro and for the same price I can have much more in different palaces. That is the reason why we will not come back here if the price/quality ration remains same. I decided to write this feedback even I have feeling it doesn’t matter what I write here for you. The hotel was full you leverage the covid19 situation and who cares what I write :(


Food super, old accomodation- bathrooms old , bad beds


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Stayed in a villa sorrunded by nicely kept, mature mediterranian garden. Pools were near by and nicely kept. However, electric sunblind over our veranda was broken, and the aircon stopped chilling three days in. Same with the EV charger provided on site. Unfortunately in all cases I have to explain the problem to the staff and reception multiple times, to no apparent fix... We got a new villa two days in, but charger was not fixed before we left, which with a bad check out experience has left me with a bad taste ...